12 Memories


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艺人: Travis
语种: 英语
唱片公司: Independiente
发行时间: 2003年10月11日
专辑类别: 录音室专辑
专辑风格: 流行摇滚 Pop Rock, 独立摇滚 Indie Rock, 英伦摇滚 Britpop
12 Memories

我的评价: 很差 较差 还行 推荐 力荐

Travis专辑介绍:后英伦摇滚时代的中坚乐队Travis的第四张专辑《12 Memories》极尽奢靡之能事,殷勤的弦乐与钢琴为第一支主打单曲"Re-Offender"及开场曲"Quicksand"平添了一层慵懒如梦的质地,间或还能听出少许实验精神("Paperclips"中的狗吠声营造了相宜的惊悚效果)。若从歌词来评鉴,这当属他们最黑暗的专辑。Travis从来就不是一支快乐的乐队(至少就音乐风格而言),而他们始终以一团阴郁的色彩来渲染这张唱片。这也许要归咎于2002年鼓手Neil Primrose在法国遭遇的一场意外。因他的严重受伤,乐队几乎被迫解散。但他现已康复,乐队亦然。主唱Fran Healy在"Peace the F**k Out"一曲中诉说了反战情怀,与其说是愤怒,毋宁说是恳求,也因而更加动人。通张专辑浅白、凄美,现实世界的苦痛与偏执所构成的暗流贯穿始末。《12 Memories》是Travis至今最优秀且最无畏的专辑。 
12 Memories is the fourth studio album from Scottish alternative rock band Travis. The album was released on October 11, 2003 on Epic Records. In comparison, the album is a much more mature and lyrically darker album, focusing on issues such as the 2003 Iraq invasion, politicians, psychological crisis and domestic abuse.

Musically, 12 Memories has embraced use of distorted guitars and a more electronic, rockier and even trip-hop style. Three singles were released from the album - "Re-Offender", a track that deals with domestic abuse, "The Beautiful Occupation", a song which was inspired by the invasion of Iraq by US and coalition forces in 2003, and "Love Will Come Through", a more traditional Travis song, which was later featured in a marketing campaign by the Post Office. The album entered the UK charts at #3. "The Beautiful Occupation" was their first single to miss the top 40, charting at #48, though the following single, the fan favourite "Love Will Come Through", only fared slightly better, charting at #28. Whilst being titled 12 Memories, there are only eleven tracks on the album, each one of these a "memory". The "12th memory" is actually a hidden track entitled "Some Sad Song" which plays after silence frollowing the last track. The album cover is somewhat similar to the album covers for The Beatles's Let it Be and U2's Pop.
This is the only Travis album without their logo on the album cover. However, their logo can be seen from the album cover, as the visible part of the rear back cover, the Travis logo can be found. The rear back cover is also similar to the cover of "Re-Offender", the lead single. As the album does not display the title on the cover either, a sticker is featured on the case which says the title of the album. Also, a Parental Guidance logo is featured as a sticker on the case.




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