Just Like the Fambly Cat


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艺人: Grandaddy
语种: 英语
唱片公司: V2
发行时间: 2006年05月09日
专辑类别: 录音室专辑
Just Like the Fambly Cat

我的评价: 很差 较差 还行 推荐 力荐

Grandaddy专辑介绍:Grandaddy's final album serves as a timely reminder of the group's strengths. They manage to pull themselves out of the slump they were in and deliver a fine epitaph. Their previous album, Sumday, was a disappointment, a definite comedown from the heights of Sophtware Slump. It sounded like the work of a band coasting along without any commitment to the material — a good band with some fine songs but still not living up to its potential. This album sounds like the work of a band with something to prove, maybe due to the tensions that led to the band breaking up before the release of Just Like the Fambly Cat, or perhaps resulting from the realization that the bandmembers had been wasting their talent. Certainly "Jeez Louise," the fiery rocker that kicks off the album, dispels any fear that the record might be as laid-back and detached as Sumday was at its core. So do the handful of similarly energetic tunes like the new wavey instrumental "Skateboarding Saves Me Twice," the cheesy drum machine-driven "Elevate Myself," and the surging "Disconnecty." The diversity of sounds on the album is nice and keeps things interesting on the surface, but what really jump-starts the proceedings are two things: first, the sheer tunefulness of the midtempo songs like the wistful "Summer... It's Gone," "Campershell Dreams," and "This Is How It Always Starts," which drift like autumn leaves blowing across front lawns, blown gently along by gentle vocal harmonies, richly layered guitars, cheap keyboards, and Jason Lytle's fragile vocals; and second, the epic sweep of the ballads like "Guide Down Tonight," the guitar blowout "Rear View Mirror," and "The Animal World." There is a depth of emotion and seriousness here that had been missing on Sumday, Lytle's vocals have a gravity they lacked before, and the bandmembers seem to mean every note they play this time. Not that sincerity means much when there are no melodies you can hum in the shower — here you get both. Grandaddy's breakup seemed like an afterthought when it was announced a couple months before the release of Fambly Cat; now it seems like a real shame, like they will be missed. Hopefully whatever incarnation the various members (and especially Lytle) resurface in can produce work this rich and powerful. If not, at leastGrandaddy managed to go out on a very high note.
disc 1
1 What Happened... 319  
2 Jeez Louise 217  
3 Summer... It's Gone 22966  
4 Oxygen/Auxsend 192  
4 Oxygen / Aux Send 25  
5 Rear View Mirror 199  
6 The Animal World 324  
7 Skateboarding Saves Me Twice 203  
8 Where I'm Anymore 1206  
9 50% 119  
10 Guide Down Denied 167  
11 Elevate Myself 262  
12 Campershell Dreams 259  
13 Disconnecty 125  
14 This Is How It Always Starts 122  
15 Shangri-La (Outro) 20  



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  • 黄色潜水艇

    黄色潜水艇(微笑,挥手,再见。)2012-06-10 16:13 赞(2) 弱(0)
    因為在其樂曲中大量應用充滿科技氣息的Analog Synth演奏,Grandaddy亦自此被為一隊Space-Folk樂團。
    作為樂隊的告別專輯,唱片內也在不經意地表露陣陣離愁別緒。序曲What Happened在傷感的鋼琴下伴以一位小女孩不斷地問道︰「What happened to the family cat」,有點茫然;與之作首尾呼應的結幕曲Shangri-La (Outro),Jason便在依依不捨地唱道:”I\'ll never return”。


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