Something Else


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艺人: The Cranberries
语种: 英语
唱片公司: BMG
发行时间: 2017年04月28日
专辑类别: 录音室专辑
Something Else

我的评价: 很差 较差 还行 推荐 力荐

The Cranberries专辑介绍:The Cranberries的第七张专辑《Something Else》于4月28日发行,其中包含三首新歌“The Glory”“Rupture”“Why”,之外还和 Irish Chamber Orchestra合作老歌新唱了10首经典歌曲。(BY XIAMI)

The Cranberries release new album 'Something Else' on 28th April 2017.

2015 marked 25 years since the beginning of The Cranberries, the Irish band that would dominate a particular corner of the 90s.

Touched by the orchestral re-evaluation of a selection of her greatest hits and with the anniversary clock ticking in the back of her mind, the idea of an acoustic, orchestral rendering of the greatest moments from the Cranberries first four records began to ferment.

Over two weeks in Limerick University last year, at the home of the Irish Chamber Orchestra, the band revisited old times in new clothes dusting away any cobwebs with strings. As the record began to take full shape, three new songs were added, to stop it just being a Proustian rush of memories lost and found.

It’s testament to Dolores and Noel’s song-writing prowess that the new additions to the Cranberries cannon sit seamlessly next to the old – to Zombie, Dreams, Ridiculous Thoughts and Ode to my Family – all accompanied by sumptuous new string arrangements, drawn from richly fertilised Irish soil, distilled in a grand temple of academia.
disc 1
1 Linger (Acoustic Version) 37650  
2 The Glory 36858  
3 Dreams (Acoustic Version) 28673  
4 When You're Gone (Acoustic Version) 24048  
5 Zombie (Acoustic Version) 25459  
6 Ridiculous Thoughts (Acoustic Version) 17466  
7 Rupture 19982  
8 Ode to My Family (Acoustic Version) 18806  
9 Free to Decide (Acoustic Version) 15258  
10 Just My Imagination (Acoustic Version) 15516  
11 Animal Instinct (Acoustic Version) 16455  
12 You & Me (Acoustic Version) 15715  
13 Why 29054  
disc 2 [30秒试听版]
1 Linger (Acoustic Version) [30秒试听版] 70520  
2 The Glory [30秒试听版] 109781  
3 Dreams (Acoustic Version) [30秒试听版] 41083  
4 When You're Gone (Acoustic Version) [30秒试听版] 35751  
5 Zombie (Acoustic Version) [30秒试听版] 33759  
6 Ridiculous Thoughts (Acoustic Version) [30秒试听版] 27576  
7 Rupture [30秒试听版] 43977  
8 Ode to My Family (Acoustic Version) [30秒试听版] 27302  
9 Free to Decide (Acoustic Version) [30秒试听版] 24358  
10 Just My Imagination (Acoustic Version) [30秒试听版] 23829  
11 Animal Instinct (Acoustic Version) [30秒试听版] 24199  
12 You & Me (Acoustic Version) [30秒试听版] 24916  
13 Why [30秒试听版] 44686  


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     5元 VS 132元 5元。这是我在2017年4月28日上午10点于虾米音乐上购买《Something&nb...


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    这并不是no need to argue封面,吉他手Noel跟贝斯手Mike位置对调了,也预示着这张专辑,怀旧但有不同。重新编曲的歌曲一般按照惯例是要重新发表的,但是数量多,编成一个专辑也未尝不可,还有几首新歌。这更加丰富了这张专辑


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