Story of a City


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艺人: The Shanghai Restoration Project
语种: 英语
唱片公司: Undercover Culture Music
发行时间: 2008年02月05日
专辑类别: 录音室专辑
专辑风格: 实验音乐 Experimental
Story of a City

我的评价: 很差 较差 还行 推荐 力荐

The Shanghai Restoration Project专辑介绍:

这是美国的华裔制作人Dave Liang制作的第二张专辑。专辑的创作是以20世纪关于上海的故事为背景展开的,依旧围绕着上海这个不变的主题.

"上海复兴方案"灵感来源于上世纪30年代的旧上海夜店里的那些Jazz乐队演奏的音乐.在这一新奇的概念下DJ Dave Liang大胆的将带有鲜明东方气息的曲调与西方的现代音乐Hip-Hop,Electronica,Jazz等巧妙的融合在一起。


Preface熟悉的开头和清雅的女声完全好感中。Voices应该是Dave Liang自己唱的吧,个人感觉般般的说。 Last Night of the Dynasty在喜庆的唢呐(应该是这个乐器)声中开始了, 轻快的女生加上背景的一些人物谈笑声音, 总让人想象到喜宴的情景,推荐。 Movement, 很多人喜欢这首, 只能说, 不是我喜欢的风格, 或许你会喜欢也不一定。 接着的Love and Warlords, Touchdown, Call Me Home, Last Morning,让我想到了那个瑞士的女歌手, 用英文把中国的民歌都翻唱了一遍, 虽然声音的确不错, 可是却有点怪异及缺乏新意,在我看来。 还好, Pace of Light的出现让我耳目一新, Afterword还凑合,Divided We Stand把康定情歌mix了进去。 剩下的Notes, Bibliography,Acknowledgements都是轻音乐。

At the turn of the 20th century, China underwent a remarkable transformation. A dynastic system that had governed the country for over two thousand years was crumbling, and uncertainty loomed. But while most of the country clung to the remnants of the past, Shanghai fixed its gaze firmly on the future. Story of a City, the second full length album from The Shanghai Restoration Project, derives its inspiration from the monumental events that took place during this era. Like its predecessor, Story of a City does not restrict itself to any particular genre, drawing instead from an array of musical styles that have come to define the Shanghai Restoration Project sound. This time around, producer Dave Liang builds upon his signature hip-hop / electronica blend by bringing in new influences ranging from country to rap to choral music. Each track on the project is unique in flavor but remains part of a cohesive fabric, woven together by traditional Chinese instruments such as the erhu, pipa, and the dizi. To enhance the listener's journey, many songs contain authentic street sounds recorded during one of Liang's recent visits to Shanghai.i

disc 1
1 Author's Note 55384  
2 Preface The Shanghai Restoration Project;Di Johnston 796880  
3 Voices The Shanghai Restoration Project;Amos Winbush 127779  
4 Last Night of the Dynasty 1228507  
5 Movement The Shanghai Restoration Project;Heath Brandon 160361  
6 Love and Warlords The Shanghai Restoration Project;Shayna Steele 57053  
7 Touchdown 44260  
8 Pace of Light The Shanghai Restoration Project;Michal Towber 233046  
9 Call Me Home 48703  
10 Divided We Stand The Shanghai Restoration Project;Dana Leong 69255  
11 Last Morning 27909  
12 Afterword 34777  
13 Notes 22914  
14 Bibliography 25257  
15 Acknowledgements The Shanghai Restoration Project;Shen Qi 365404  



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