Clinging to a Scheme


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艺人: The Radio Dept.
语种: 英语
唱片公司: Labrador Records
发行时间: 2010年04月21日
专辑类别: 录音室专辑
专辑风格: 独立流行 Indie Pop, 梦幻流行 Dream Pop, 自赏 Shoegaze
Clinging to a Scheme

我的评价: 很差 较差 还行 推荐 力荐

The Radio Dept.专辑介绍:
Clinging to a Scheme is the upcoming third album by The Radio Dept. According to Labrador Records and confirmed by the group's official Facebook page, it is going to be released on April 21, 2010.

A promotional single, "Freddie and the Trojan Horse," was released on June 4, 2008 by Labrador Records, although the song does not appear on the album. The first single, "David," was released on June 23, 2009.


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