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艺人: L-Force
语种: 英语
唱片公司: 独立发行
发行时间: 2015年03月25日
专辑类别: EP、单曲
专辑风格: 地下说唱 Underground Hip Hop, 重金属 Heavy Metal, 说唱摇滚 Rap Rock
Stairway To Hiphop

我的评价: 很差 较差 还行 推荐 力荐

L-Force专辑介绍:The album was unexpectedly out in the end of March 2015, became Uygur Rapper L-Force a.k.a. Exsun Lee(力)‘s debut single album, in which he remixed the Gramatik's remix of famous classic heaven metal Stairway to Heaven, calling it Stairway to Hiphop Heaven by the latter. As L-Force put it Stairway to Hiphop, the lyrics is sincere and motivational speech, a very close look into the way of the young audience listen to all types of music, hoping offering some guidence and some cheerful insight about what they listen to, it is full of love and very rare in the Hiphop scene in its own period. And the song is raw without too many mastering on the technical side.



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    此曲收录在Led Zeppelin的第四张专辑《Led Zeppelin IV》(1971)里,由Jimmy Page(吉米-佩奇)和Robert Plant(罗伯特-普朗特)创作。2004年《Guitar World》杂志评选的100 Greatest Rock Guitar Solos中排行第一。《滚石》杂志的编辑这样评价道,“如果一个时代所有的经典摇滚作品要被浓缩成一首歌,那这首歌很可能就是《Stairway To Heaven》,自从1971年发行以来,电台里播出这首歌的次数已经难以计数,而且直到今天,都没有减少的迹象。”

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    Cover fairly fit barely fit hardly fit sadly fit madly hit badly hit deadly hit steadily sit
    Cuz I can't sleep @ the night went out

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