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艺人: Christopher Franke
语种: 英语
唱片公司: Earth Tone
发行时间: 1999年04月20日
专辑类别: 录音室专辑
专辑风格: 成人另类 Adult Alternative, 新世纪音乐 New Age, 实验音乐 Experimental, 前卫电子 Progressive Electronic, 极简主义 Minimalism

我的评价: 很差 较差 还行 推荐 力荐

Christopher Franke专辑介绍:by Jim Brenholts

It is probably difficult to gather a "best of" set when the discography is, at best, suspect. Christopher Franke chose 18 tracks for Epic. Two tracks are unreleased and the others are from nine of his solo discs. Only two of the tracks are from his better efforts. The unreleased tracks were unreleased for good reason -- they lack merit. That translates to 15 below average tracks from seven below average CD's. It does not shape up to be a winner and it is not. Franke seems lost and confused. There is little substance and no consistency. This CD, even at cut-out rates, is not a worthy purchase.

disc 1 [Epic]
1 A Radiant Band of Light 12147  
2 Morphing Space 970  
3 Mental Images 226  
4 Malibu Avenue 536  
5 Love Scene 646  
6 Dance Lesson 171  
7 Woodland Watercolors 219  
8 Flower Hill Trail 242  
9 Viciente 1998  
10 Morning Ride 120  
11 Sensual Persuasion 278  
12 Silent Waves 131  
13 Haleakala 107  
14 Illumination 170  
15 Sunset Destination 98  
16 Mind Space 239  
17 Stream Garden 96  
18 Finale 99  



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