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艺人: Santana
语种: 英语
唱片公司: Arista Nashville
发行时间: 2002年10月22日
专辑类别: 录音室专辑
专辑风格: 融合爵士 Jazz Fusion, 爵士摇滚 Jazz Rock, 硬摇滚 Hard Rock, 布鲁斯摇滚 Blues Rock, 拉丁摇滚 Latin Rock

我的评价: 很差 较差 还行 推荐 力荐

9座葛莱美奖的肯定,2千5百万张的销售奇迹,2002年音乐魔法师即将让你再次臣服,全世界都在期待的唱片,山塔那,最新大碟魔法师,收录首支单曲 The Game Of Love 由Michelle Branch蜜雪儿跨刀演唱,巨星助阵名单包括Dido(蒂朵)、Seal (席尔)、P.O.D.(花钱找死乐团)、Placido Domingo(多明哥)等、擦撞出无限音乐火花,他的魔法无人能破 现在……音乐魔法师即将让你再次臣服,本世纪最伟大的摇滚吉他英雄 Santana 发行过36张专辑、在3000万人前作过现场表演,全球专辑总销售量超过9千万张,Billboard告示排杂志终生成就奖、进入摇滚名人堂.......他.....就是个传奇,1999年回归歌坛专辑《超自然力量Supernatural》破纪录荣获9项葛莱美奖、3项拉丁葛莱美奖、4项Billboard音乐奖荣耀,全球销售纪录突破2500万张!最令全球期盼的新专辑《魔法师Shaman》终于发行!助阵名单有Dido(蒂朵)、Seal (席尔)、Macy Gray(梅西葛蕾)、Musiq(音乐顽童)、Placido Domingo(多明哥)、P.O.D.(花钱找死乐团)等一同擦撞出无限音乐火花!Matchbox Twenty(火柴盒20合唱团)主唱Rob Thomas此番退居幕后贡献2首创作曲。 首支单曲Game Of Love由MTV音乐录像带大奖观众票选大奖得主Michelle Branch(蜜雪儿)跨刀演唱,直指排行冠军宝座。
by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Nobody could have predicted the success of the star-studded Supernatural in 1999, but it revitalized the career of Santana, plus Clive Davis, who cooked up the whole idea of the comeback in the first place. Given its blockbuster status, a sequel that followed the same blueprint was inevitable, which is exactly what 2002's Shaman is. If anything, there's even less Carlos Santana here, proving that he and Davis are among those that believe that Supernatural was a success because of Rob Thomas and &Smooth,& not the typically tasteful, excellent guitar playing. And, no surprise, Thomas has a strong presence here even if he doesn't sing. He writes two songs, flexing his muscles as a neo-soul songwriter (not badly, either, on cuts sung by Musiq and Seal), and providing the template for all the guests here: they want to launch a new stage of their career, finding a wider audience. Outside of Seal (who has a comeback of his own to launch) and Placido Domingo (who does these things because he can), everybody here has hearts to win and something to prove, and they do a mixed job of it. P.O.D. falls on its face with the embarrassing &America,& but Chad Kroeger far outshines anything he's done with a surprisingly subtle and soulful &Why Don't You & I,& easily better than anything by Nickelback. But this points out the problem on the record -- each song is tailored to the strengths of the lead singer, not the strengths of Santana, who's left with piddly, forgettable instrumental interludes and playing endless lines beneath the vocal melodies. Who can blame him? It's the only chance he really gets to play on this album. On the whole, it holds together no better or no worse than Supernatural -- it's the same record, essentially. True, there wasn't anything as awful as &America& or the foolish aural press release &Since Supernatural,& but there was nothing as joyous and wonderful as the Michelle Branch-sung &The Game of Love.& Written by the team behind the New Radicals' modern pop classic &You Get What You Give,& it's every bit as soaring melodic and irresistible; it may not be Santana -- it sounds even less like Santana than &Smooth& -- but it's perfect pop, the best pop single of 2002, for reasons that have nothing to do with Santana.


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