Decade in the Sun: Best of Stereophonics


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艺人: Stereophonics
语种: 英语
唱片公司: V2
发行时间: 2008年11月10日
专辑类别: 精选集
专辑风格: 流行摇滚 Pop Rock, 英伦摇滚 Britpop, 另类摇滚 Alternative Rock
Decade in the Sun: Best of Stereophonics

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★特搜32页{私藏照片+ CD1曲目原文歌词}★
  被冠上「韦尔斯王子」名号的主唱兼吉他手Kelly Jones、贝斯手Richard Jones两位携手闯荡至今的好伙伴,加上历经Stuart Cable、前Black Crowes鼓手Steve Goman担任巡回演出鼓手一职,以及现在第三任阿根廷籍鼓手Javier Weyler等三人简单机制,把玩出最不简单的音乐触感。陆续发行『Word Gets Around』(1997)、『Performance And Cocktails』(1999)、『Just Enough Education To Perform』(2001)、『You Gotta Go There To Come Back』(2003)、『Language. Sex. Violence. Other?』(2005)、『Pull The Pin』(2007)等六张畅销专辑,其中五张皆夺下英国金榜冠军,然而『Just Enough Education To Perform』发行第39周后,反冲英国专辑金榜桂冠并蝉连三周榜首,创下英国流行音乐史上,同一张专辑发行后相隔近十个月再度夺冠的卓越成就。
  Stereophonics汇集所有能量与迷醉人心的情歌特质,以首张完整精选特辑【Decade In The Sun: Best Of Stereophonics】,回顾这一路走来的辉煌足迹,为十周年画下完美惊叹号,更期待下一个璀璨十年的到来!

One of those British phenomena that has stayed distinctly provincial -- talk all you want about Oasis or Blur never cracking the U.S. charts, Stereophonics never came close, never even managing to cobble together a cult of college students or Anglophiles -- Stereophonics managed to carve out a nice living as workaday rockers in the post-Oasis age. They were guitar rock traditionalists in the time when Radiohead and their happy followers Coldplay ruled British rock, marching just outside of the Zeitgeist but appealing to thousands anyway, probably because they never tried to compete with Radiohead's spacy explorations. Instead, Stereophonics adapted the anthemic roar of their Welsh forefathers Manic Street Preachers, substituting the Manics' Guns N' Roses fascination with a love of Nirvana, and then made big arena rock, tempered slightly with rambling acoustic singalongs straight out of Oasis and vague electronica-flavored pop. All this is chronicled on Decade in the Sun: The Best of Stereophonics, the group's first hits compilation and one that traces its evolution effectively, if not quite entertainingly. Decade in the Sun is too comprehensive to be entertaining, as it drags its heels over 20 tracks that all sound huge and hookless to those listeners not subjected to these tunes as part of the general cultural fabric. For British listeners, this is a good sampling of what they heard in the background for a decade, but Decade in the Sun winds up convincing anybody outside of the U.K. that there are some perfectly good reasons why Stereophonics never translated across the Atlantic. [Decade in the Sun was also released in a two-disc, 40-track Deluxe Edition.]
disc 1
1 Dakota
2 The Bartender and the Thief MV
3 Just Looking MV
4 Have a Nice Day
5 Local Boy in the Photograph MV
6 Maybe Tomorrow MV
7 Superman MV
8 Pick a Part Thats New
9 My Own Worst Enemy
10 I Wouldnt Believe Your Radio
11 Youre My Star MV
12 Mr. Writer MV
13 Step on My Old Size Nines MV
14 Devil MV
15 It Means Nothing MV
16 A Thousand Trees
17 Vegas Two Times MV
18 Traffic MV
19 More Life in a Tramps Vest
20 Handbags and Gladrags MV
disc 2 [Deluxe Edition]
1 Madame Helga
2 Bank Holiday Monday
3 Rewind MV
4 My Friends MV
5 Climbing the Wall
6 Mama Told Me Not to Come
7 Since I Told You It's Over MV
8 Moviestar MV
9 Not Up to You
10 Getaway
11 I Stopped to Fill My Car Up
12 Billy Davey's Daughter
13 Carrot Cake and Wine
14 Raymond's Shop
15 Stone
16 I'm Alright (You Gotta Go There to Come Back)
17 First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 2557  
18 Same Size Feet
19 She Takes Her Clothes Off
20 Hurry Up and Wait MV



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