Jessie J婕茜 / Jessie J Cornish

地区: United Kingdom 英国
风格: 流行舞曲 Dance-Pop, 欧美流行 Western Pop, 电音流行 Electropop
姓    名:Jessie J婕西
国    籍:英国
星    座:白羊座
出 生 地:英国伦敦雷顿布里奇
职    业:歌手、词曲创作者
经纪公司:Universal Republic、Island
Jessie J(全名:Jessica Ellen Cornish),英国流行女歌手兼词曲创作者。出道前曾帮Miley Cyrus,Justin Timberlake,Chris Brown,Alicia Keys和Christina Aguilera等歌手制作歌曲,创作才能开始受到业界关注。首支单曲"Do It Like a Dude"在英国单曲排行榜曾排名第二,第二支单曲"Price Tag"是和美国说唱歌手B.o.B合作,在英国,法国,爱尔兰,新西兰在内的19个国家夺得单曲榜冠军,亦可看做她的成名曲。在2012年伦敦奥运会闭幕式上,Jessie J一共三次登台献唱,是当晚登台次数最多的歌手,完美的献唱也让世界记住了这个会唱歌的英国女孩。她风格多变,音色完美且唱功非常优秀,完美的嗓音使她随意游走在流行乐、R&B、Hip-pop和电子乐之间,被视为是英国新生代代表歌手之一。全新单曲《Wild》已于2013年5月26日发行。
Jessie J获得索尼ATV的一纸合同后,开始为各路歌手创作歌曲,先后与Dr. Luke(Doctor Luke)一起为Miley Cyrus制作过歌曲“Party in the USA”;还为Justin Timberlake、Chris Brown、Alicia Keys、Christina Aguilera等大牌歌手制作过歌曲。
2010年的12月06日,Jessie J被英国广播公司正式提名在2011年BBC年度新声的15位之一。
2011年的01月07日,公布评选结果,Jessie J幸运地与James Blake、The Vaccines、Clare Maguire等英国新兴歌手一同被选中,并且值得喝彩的是,她赢得了第1名的荣誉。
2010年的12月15日,Jessie J获得2011年全英音乐奖(被誉为英国的格莱美)的评论家选择奖,而后她与Tinie Tempah和Ellie Goulding等英国新生代当红歌手一起在提名派对上表演。
在2010年11月21日,她在英国发行了她个人的第一首正式单曲“Do It Like a Dude”,并在BBCRadio 1英国广播电台率先播放,其后她说,这首歌本来是准备为Rihanna而制作的,但是她想把这首歌给自己。
她的第二首单曲“Price Tag”发布,而这首歌曲邀请了美国当红新人B.o.B一起合唱,势头猛烈。经过单曲预热之后,Jessie J的个人第一张录音室专辑《Who You Are》将在2011年3月28日正式发行。这张专辑主要由Reggae, Euphoric, Dance和R&B这四种曲风组成,并且已经确定了几个巡演的日期。
Jessie J非常希望能和美国当红Rap女歌手Nicki Minaj合作,Nicki也说到很欣赏Jessie J的音乐,期待她们在音乐上能擦出不一样的火花。
2011年2月底推出的个人首张专辑《Who You Are》发行首周荣登英国唱片榜的亚军惜败于Adele红遍全球的专辑《21》,而单曲《Price Tag》更是在发行首日就登上英国单曲榜的冠军,创造了单曲榜的一个新奇迹。更为奇迹的是,杰西还阻断乐坛大姐大Lady Gaga《Born This Way》在英国的冠军梦。
2011年底的一首《Domino》蝉联英国单曲榜2周冠军,Jessie J更是凭这一首歌打入了美国Billboard排行榜Top 10,成绩相当耀眼。
2012年11月全新歌曲《Silver Lining(Crazy 'bout You)》首播,这首歌也是电影《The Silver Linings Playbook》(《乌云背后的幸福线》)原声歌曲,Bradley Cooper搭档Jennifer Lawrence出演,从几组镜头可以看出电影也是温暖路线的,交织的情节画面投射在Jessie J身上。
2013年5月26日,Jessie J发行第二张专辑的首支单曲《Wild》,搭档美国歌手Big Sean与Dizzee Rascal合作;9月20日,发行第二张专辑《Alive》,并于10月开展“Alive”英国巡回演唱会。
2014年,Jessie J宣布将于7月8日与10日在中国上海、北京举办演唱会。12月6日,2015年度第五十七届格莱美提名已经完全揭晓,婕西(Jessie J)&爱莉安娜•格兰德(Ariana Grande)&妮琪•米娜(Nicki Minaj)的《Bang Bang》获年度最佳二人组/团体表演奖提名。
2015年VMA提名揭晓,Jessie J,Ariana Grande和Nicki Minaj的单曲《Bang Bang》荣获最佳组合奖。8月,Jessie J出席英国MOBO Awards颁奖晚会。11月,助唱汉密尔顿。12月,BBC公布2016年最具潜力音乐新人大名单,Jessie J榜上有名。
2016年,Jessie J被授予年度全英音乐奖的评论人选择奖。2月,她为英国《Women’s Health》杂志拍摄全新写真。7月22日,她出演的《冰川时代:星际碰撞》将在美国当地时间上映。
Early life
Combining the vocal prowess of Beyoncé, the genre-hopping sounds of Gwen Stefani, and the feisty attitude of P!nk, songwriter Jessie J eventually overcame various career setbacks and health problems to become a star in her own right. Born Jessica Cornish in Chadwell Heath, London in 1988, she started her career in showbiz at the age of 11, performing in the West End production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Whistle Down the Wind. After studying musical theater at the prestigious BRITS School, she signed a deal with indie label Gut Records, which went bankrupt before releasing any of her music.
2006-2010:Career beginnings
Following a minor stroke at age 18, she gained a Sony publishing contract and penned hits for the likes of Chris Brown, Dutch X Factor winner Lisa Lois, and Miley Cyrus (the American number two hit "Party in the USA"). After building up an established online presence, she signed to Universal Records and began working with the likes of hitmaker Dr. Luke (Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson), Atlanta rapper B.o.B, and R&B producer Labrinth on her debut album, Who You Are. In 2010, her first single, "Do It Like a Dude," originally written for Rihanna, reached number 25 in the U.K. charts and, following in the footsteps of Adele, Florence and the Machine, and Ellie Goulding, she was announced as the winner of the Critics Choice Award at the 2011 Brits. That same year, an appearance on Saturday Night Live coincided with her album being reissued in the U.S.
2010-2012:Who You Are
Following a tour that took in the UK, Ireland, Australia, Malaysia and her first show in North America, Jessie J became the first UK female solo artist to achieve six top-ten singles from a single studio album. The success of the sixth single “LaserLight”, featuring David Guetta, was aided in no small part by her appearance as judge on the UK edition of The Voice. The hit show gave the singer a chance to display her talent for musical coaching, while building a rapport with fans both old and new on primetime television. Also involved were Tom Jones and Will.I.Am, with whom Jessie J performed at Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee Concert in June 2012, before heading back to the studio to work on the follow-up to Who You Are.
2013-present:Alive and Sweet Talker
On 31 January 2012, Jessie J announced that she had begun recording her second studio album.She also stated that she hopes to collaborate with many artists this year, possibly including some of her fellow coaches on The Voice.It was revealed that she has worked in the studio with CeeLo Green after he contacted her on Twitter. Jessie has also revealed on Twitter that she worked with Diane Warren and co-author of her song "Price Tag", Claude Kelly.
Her third studio album Sweet Talker was released on 13 October 2014 in the UK, where it peaked at number 5. "Bang Bang" recorded with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj serves as the first single from the album.The song reached number one on the UK Singles Chart, becoming her third number one and seventh top five single in the UK."Bang Bang" debuted on the US Billboard Hot 100 at number 6, making it the second highest new entry of 2014 on the chart.The song became Jessie J's second top 10 single in the US, after her previous single "Domino", and eventually peaked at number 3. In 2015, she became the judge and mentor of The Voice Australia.In the nominations for the 2016 Brit Awards, Jessie J's 2015 single "Flashlight" (from the soundtrack to the film Pitch Perfect 2) was among the nominees for Best British Video.
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