Will Tang

地区: 欧美
b. 1972, Rochdale, Lancashire, England. Tang played trumpet in a school orchestra but did not consider music as a career until the early 90s when he started playing harmonica. Later adding guitar, he developed a distinctive, earthy delivery for a repertoire of contemporary urban blues. His influences include blues, rock and pop artists. At the end of the 80s, Tang began a trip around the world but on reaching Hong Kong he decided to stay and became involved in the blues club scene. He also backed recording artists such as Jacky Cheung, Jacky Chan, Sandy Lam and Andy Lau. His reputation spread as he toured Far East countries, but the appeal of his English-language vocals was limited. While in Hong Kong, Tang released albums locally, including Movin' On (1996), Blues Movies (1999) and Out Of The Blue (1999).
On his return to the UK and the northern blues club scene, Tang gained a following for his music, and he and Manchester-based DJ Andy Votel released the single, "Love Bites", which helped spread the word. Tang's recorded work since returning to the UK, where he formed his own record company, Zen Music, has included many songs he has composed.
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