Il Sogno del Marinaio

地区: United States of America 美国
Il Sogno Del Marianio (Italian for “The Sailor’s Dream”) is a trio Mike Watt recorded and toured with in Italy in late November and early December of 2009. The group consists of Watt on vocals and bass, Stefano Pilia on guitar, and Andrea Belfi on drums.
The group did a short tour of Italy, during the middle of which the group recorded the band’s first album. Recording was originally supposed to take place in Polesella, Italy, but the engineer at the studio fell ill and forced a last-minute cancellation. An alternate recording location, La Sauna Recording in Varano, was quickly found, and the recording sessions were accomplished in three days.
The group’s first album, La Busta Gialla (translation: The Yellow Envelope), will be the third release on Watt’s clenchedwrench label in 2011.
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