氛围流行 Ambient Pop

Ambient Pop从其名字中就可以看出它来自于两个明显不同的音乐风格-当其音乐进行在传统流行乐的架构之上时,它的电子成分和氛围却显示出Ambient中的那种催眠冥想的品质。尽管Ambient Pop的音乐是很少具研磨性的,但是受到Krautrock的Lock-Groover式的旋律的影响很明显。原本Ambient Pop是在Shoegazer运动中出现的Dream Pop音乐的一个延伸,尽管从大部分看乐器仍继续定义着这种声音,但是由于其吸取了包括采样等当今的电子音乐手法使得它和前辈们明显区别开来。

Ambient Pop combines elements of the two distinct styles which lend the blissed-out genre its name -- while the music possesses a shape and form common to conventional pop, its electronic textures and atmospheres mirror the hypnotic, meditative qualities of ambient. The mesmerizing lock-groove melodies of Krautrock are a clear influence as well, although ambient pop is typically much less abrasive. Essentially an extension of the dream pop that emerged in the wake of the shoegazer movement, it's set apart from its antecedents by its absorption of contemporary electronic idioms, including sampling, although for the most part live instruments continue to define the sound.

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