灵魂布鲁斯 Soul Blues

一种传统蓝调和 60 年代灵魂音乐的快速旋律的熔合物,灵魂蓝调是涵盖两种传统的艺人。以标准的蓝调乐队为基础——钢琴、吉它、贝斯、口琴和打击乐——有时加入节奏蓝调曲调的管乐,灵魂蓝调的音乐家们延伸了传统的界线,又保持了灵魂乐的根基。Etta James, Bobby "Blues" Bland 和 Jonnie Taylor 都曾是灵魂蓝调的佼佼者。

Perhaps one of the most modern forms of blues, Soul-Blues fuses disparate elements of black popular music to create a wholly urban amalgam of its own. Artists who wanted to move stylistically beyond the three-chord confines of conventional blues forms found the rhythm & blues strain of the 1950s and the southern soul style of the mid-'60s far more to their creative liking. Soul-blues combines the best elements of the two and blends that with the standard blues band instrumentation -- sometimes augmented with an R&B-styled horn section. The genre also provides more traditional blues artists with a style to visit on occasion, injecting some contemporary life into their recordings.

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