电声布鲁斯 Electric Blues

电声布鲁斯(Electric Blues)是和原声布鲁斯(Acoustic Blues)相对的,如果说后者是“不插电”的布鲁斯,主要用原声乐器弹奏,那前者就是“插电”的布鲁斯,用一些电音设备作主要部分。Electric Blues也是日后布鲁斯摇滚(Blues Rock)的基础。



Electric Blues is an eclectic genre that embraces just about every kind of blues that can be played on an amplified instrument. Its principal component is that of the electric guitar, but its amplified aspect can extend to the bass (usually a solid body Fender type model, but sometimes merely an old "slappin''' acoustic with a pickup attached), harmonica, and keyboard instruments. Stylistically, the form is a wide open field, accessible to just about every permutation possible -- embracing both the old, the new, and sometimes futuristic, and something that falls between the two. Some forms of it copy the older styles of urban blues (primarily the Chicago, Texas, and Louisiana variants) usually in a small combo format, while others head into funk and soul territory. Yet electric blues is elastic enough to include artists who pay homage to those vintage styles of playing while simultaneously recasting them in contemporary fashion. It is lastly a genre that provides a convenient umbrella for original artists of late '40s and early '50s derivation who seemingly resist neat classifications.

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