文雅流行 Sophisti Pop

通过其花哨的制作与柔和、温文尔雅的感觉,“文雅流行”音乐符合了“成人当代”(Adult Contemporary)和“静谧风暴”(Quiet Storm)音乐电台节目的口味,但它从未成为一种广泛流行的趋势,并且截至到90年代伊始,已很大程度上消失了。
一些最著名的“文雅流行”艺人包括了:“Simply Red”、“Sade”、“the Style Council”;前“电子”(Electronic)风格的“Everything But the Girl”、“Basia”、“Swing Out Sister”和“Prefab Sprout”。

Sophisti-pop was a sub-genre of pop that flourished in the UK between the mid-1980s and early 1990s, incorporating elements of soft rock, jazz, new wave, and blue-eyed soul. The genre made extensive use of electronic keyboards, synthesizers, and polished arrangements, particularly horn sections.
Stylus suggested that acts were influenced by the work of Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry's solo work. According to Allmusic, major artists included Sade, The Style Council, Basia, Swing Out Sister, Prefab Sprout, and the early work of Everything but the Girl.

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