英国传统摇滚 British Trad Rock

英国传统摇滚(British Trad Rock),在90年代,在英伦摇滚后不久便出现了主流英国摇滚的新声音,传统摇滚成为英国音乐中占有支配地位的分支。如同这个名字一样,传统摇滚是传统的---这是种毫无遮掩的沿袭了经典摇滚的音乐。在英国传统摇滚下,the Beatles, Stones, Who, Kinks, Small Faces和Traffic建立了地基。所有英国传统摇滚乐队都为坚持音乐的保守和真实而困扰---为了获取完美的60秒的电子颤音纪录,他们使用最佳的乐器并且不偏离古典歌曲结构。Oasis 和Paul Weller在90年代早期通过他们的专辑Definitely Maybe和Wildwood开始运用这种新的方式。当Oasis背离了传统摇滚的规则,便有很多乐队因为毫无遮掩复制的60秒摇滚从而投入经典摇滚。Ocean Colour Scene, Cast, Northern Uproar, Embrace和Kula Shaker全都跟随了同样的基本模式并且都紧紧被压于”Noelrock”这个由Oasis的主唱Noel Gallagher所带来的英伦压力。Weller加入了Ocean Colour Scene,是联合起来冲而成为了传统摇滚的前辈,并且一直延续到了90年代末期。 

During the '90s, shortly after Britpop became the sound of mainstream British rock, Trad Rock became one of the dominant subgenres of English music. As the name implies, trad rock is traditional rock & roll -- music that is unashamed of its debts to classic rock acts. In the case of British trad rock, the Beatles, Stones, Who, Kinks, Small Faces, and Traffic provided the foundation. All of the trad rockers were obsessed with keeping the music gritty and real -- to capture the vibe of the classic '60s records, they used vintage instruments and didn't deviate from classicist song structures. Oasis and Paul Weller kickstarted the movement in the early '90s with their albums Definitely Maybe and Wildwood. While Oasis deviated from the trad rock formula, there were legions of bands that used their devotion to classic rock as reason to shamelessly replicate '60s rock. Ocean Colour Scene, Cast, Northern Uproar, Embrace, and Kula Shaker all followed the same basic pattern and were tagged by the British press as "Noelrock," in tribute to Oasis' leader, Noel Gallagher. Weller allied himself with Ocean Colour Scene and became the granddad of trad rock, and the sound persevered into the late '90s.

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