乡村摇滚 Country Rock

一种来源于加利福尼亚的音乐形式,后与嬉皮运动交互影响,把他们那"回归自然"的感情带到了乡村音乐中。由于他们吸毒、蓄发遭到了传统乡村音乐价值的诅咒,乡村摇滚艺人极力想以次开拓那些传统乐迷的口味。60年代末的先驱者象Gram Parsons(还有The Byrds,Flying Burrito Brothers和后来的Emmylou Harris)把传统的怀乡和心碎的乡村歌曲加上了摇滚的节奏。后来,一些象The Eagles这样的乐队把这种混合音乐形式带上了流行排行榜的榜首。今天,象The Desert Rose Band(由Byrds的合作者Chris Hilman领衔的)还在继续这一音乐传统。
Country rock is a subgenre of country music, formed from the fusion of rock with country. The term is generally used to refer to the wave of rock musicians who began to record country-flavored records in the late 1960s and early 1970s, beginning with Bob Dylan and The Byrds; reaching its greatest popularity in the 1970s with artists like Emmylou Harris and the Eagles.

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