钢琴布鲁斯 Piano Blues

钢琴布鲁斯(Piano Blues)是布鲁斯音乐中很宽泛的一个派别。 所有用钢琴弹奏的布鲁斯音乐都可包含在内。

很多布鲁斯子风格中都使用钢琴作为主要伴奏,同时也遵循传统布鲁斯音乐的和声结构。一些属于钢琴布鲁斯的子风格包括三角洲布鲁斯(Delta Blues), 跳跃布鲁斯(Jump Blues), 新奥尔良布鲁斯(New Orleans Blues), 圣路易斯布鲁斯(St. Louis Blues)和芝加哥布鲁斯(Chicago Blues)。布基伍基(Boogie Woogie)是最早出现的钢琴布鲁斯子风格。


Acoustic Blues is a general catch-all term describing virtually every type of blues that can be played on a non-electric musical instrument. It embraces a wide range of guitar and musical styles including folk, the songster tradition, slide, fingerpicking, ragtime, and all of the myriad regional strains (Chicago, Delta, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Piedmont, etc.) that thrived in the early days of the genre's gestation. But acoustic blues is not limited to merely guitar music; its "acoustic" appellation is an elastic enough term to also include mandolin, banjo, piano, harmonica, jug, and other non-electric instruments including homemade ones, like the one string monochord bottleneck diddleybow.(By Allmusic)

Piano Blues runs through the entire history of the music itself, embracing everything from ragtime, barrelhouse, boogie woogie, and smooth West Coast jazz stylings to the hard-rocking rhythms of Chicago blues.

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