爵士布鲁斯 Jazz Blues

爵士蓝调有着坚实的蓝调根基,但又吸收了富变化而又稍快的爵士音乐。这类音乐家们通常把爵士乐的即兴演奏特点掺进了经典的蓝调音乐三和弦结构。爵士蓝调包括从钢琴师 Mose Allison 以爵士为主的作品,到吉它手 Lonnie Johnson 的扎实的蓝调,还有 Ray Charles 的激情荡漾而又博采百风的钢琴蓝调。
As a specific stylistic term, Jazz Blues can refer either to a) a blues artist who employs more advanced harmonies and/or rhythms which break out of traditional, straightforward blues patterns; or b) to a jazz artist who keeps his harmonies and/or rhythms relatively simple, making the music more visceral and emotional than intellectual or sophisticated. The results might sound more like one side of the equation with a touch of the other mixed in, or even approach R&B. Blues and jazz were rooted in the same African-American musical traditions in the first place, and they have always intersected enough that an absolute dividing line has never been a reasonable (or, to many listeners and musicians, desirable) proposition.

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