数学摇滚 Math Rock

数学摇滚(Math-rock)是一种实验性的摇滚风格,80年代后期 萌芽于美国。

数学摇滚曲风大多混合噪音摇滚(Noise rock)、后摇滚(Post rock)、前卫摇滚(progressive rock)、简约音乐(Minimal music)、电子音乐(Electronic music)等。它的一个特点是编曲复杂,经常使用不规则停顿或开始、不自然节拍结构(odd time signatures)、棱形旋律(Angular melody)、对位法(counterpoint)、延伸和弦(extended chords)、不协调和弦(dissonant chords)、非典型和弦进行(atypical Chord progression)。一般摇滚乐都以 4/4 拍 作歌曲结构,而数学摇滚则频繁使用不对称节拍,如 7/8 拍, 11/8 拍, 13/8 拍,并于歌曲中交错换拍, 例如一小段 9/8 拍,转换至 8/8 拍 ,再转换至 6/8 拍,让听众有错摸的诡异感觉。 又例如,在同一首乐曲使用 3/4 拍的鼓、4/4 拍的吉他、3/4 拍的低音吉他,却让每样乐器巧妙地于不同音轨上“对在一起”,听起来又顺畅不碍耳。因复杂结构如数学运算,故此称为“数学摇滚”。
Math Rock和后摇滚(Post Rock)有点沾亲带故,更为人熟知的是其作为Indie-Rock风格,它和Indie-Rock有着相近的音乐取向。在Post-Rock有着明显的爵士乐影响的地方,Math Rock则就如同是一枚硬币的反面-它的音乐显得浓厚而复杂,同时充满着艰涩的拍子记号和缠结在一起的乐段。而且,这种音乐比后摇滚要更为摇滚一些,因为它通常是由以吉他为主乐器的小乐队演绎。 Math Rock在90年代中期达到顶峰,那时,像Polvo和Chavez这些乐队在大学校园的独立摇滚乐人中有少数专注于这种音乐的追随者。

Math rock is a genre that developed in the late 1980s to early 1990s via the influence of bands such as Slint, Drive Like Jehu and Shellac who added to the already established sounds of Noise Rock and Post-Hardcore a sense of rhythmic variety and complexity that was claimed by many critics to sound almost mathematical, eventually being coined "math rock". It became a large influence on some underground movements in the US and became a common instrumental style of certain genres including many bands of the Midwest Emo and Indie Rock scene.

By the dawn of the 21st century the sound of math rock was even more riff focused. Emphasised by polyrhythmic and winding yet consonant guitar riffs with the bass often used as a counter melody, vocals were usually used as a secondary instrument to the guitar or not at all. The genre took further influences from Jazz-Rock and Post-Rock often sounding both accessible and experimental with the dissonance of earlier math rock groups being far less dominant. Modern math rock groups include Don Caballero, Hella, 65daysofstatic and Tera Melos. Some modern groups have also acquired mainstream success whilst using math rock influences. These bands include Battles, Minus the Bear and Foals that further show math rock's gradual divergence from the underground.

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