冷爵士 Cool Jazz

因为这种乐风常被美国西海岸乐手使用,所以Cool Jazz也被称为西岸爵士乐(West Coast Jazz),它可以说恰好是相对于比波普的风格而存在,相对于比波普的快速节拍、复杂的旋律、和弦、曲调,Cool Jazz会轻松很多。

1950年,Miles Davis九人小组推出的专辑《The Birth of The Cool》,标志着Cool爵士的产生。



Cool Jazz evolved directly from bop in the late '40s and '50s. Essentially, it was a mixture of bop with certain aspects of swing that had been overlooked or temporarily discarded. Dissonances were smoothed out, tones were softened, arrangements became important again, and the rhythm section's accents were less jarring. Because some of the key pacesetters of the style (many of whom were studio musicians) were centered in Los Angeles, it was nicknamed "West Coast jazz." Some of the recordings were experimental in nature (hinting at classical music) and some overarranged sessions were bland, but in general this was a viable and popular style. By the late '50s, hard bop from the East Coast had succeeded cool jazz, although many of the style's top players had long and productive careers. Among the many top artists who were important in the development of cool jazz were Lester Young,Miles Davis, Gerry Mulligan, Stan Getz, Shorty Rogers, and Howard Rumsey (leader of the Lighthouse All-Stars). -- Scott Yanow

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