非洲爵士 African Jazz

African Jazz是南非的爵士音乐,结合了非洲狂放的节奏,在美国,非洲爵士的形成深受黑人音乐风格的影响。 第一次世界大战之后,一支来自美国新奥尔良的迪克西兰乐队给南非带来爵士的第一缕声响。在此期间,昆斯敦成为南非爵士乐发展的要点。As in the United States, South African jazz was strongly influenced by the music styles of the black population. That said influences from the US led to its formation. The first jazz in the country was done by a Dixieland band from New Orleans that came to the nation after World War I. In this period Queenstown would be an important point in the development of a South African jazz. Boet Gashe and William Mbali's Big Four were among the early jazz successes in South Africa, although both had relationship to the blues as well. Later the Jazz Maniacs entered the scene and mixed influences from Marabi music to Duke Ellington.

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