热带 Tropical

热带本质是一个包罗万象的现代拉丁音乐,产生于加勒比海-如古巴,波多黎各和多米尼加共和国(但不是墨西哥内陆地区)。萨尔萨、梅伦格、坎比亚是在热带音乐中最流行的节奏。Tropical is essentially a catch-all term for modernized Latin music emanating from the Caribbean — places like Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic (though not the inland areas of Mexico). Salsa, merengue, and cumbia are the most popular rhythms in tropical music, although there's room for ballads as well as uptempo dance numbers. While tropical draws on traditional musical forms, its sound and sensibilities are contemporary — it may employ electronic instruments like synthesizers and drum machines, and it is generally geared toward Latin pop radio and/or dance clubs.

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