另类说唱 Alternative Hip Hop

大多数说唱乐手常拘泥于一些既有的式样,而另类说唱/Hip-Hop 艺术家则大胆走向新方向。拒绝附和传统老套的说唱风格的一种音乐,比如gangsta、疯克、贝斯、硬核和聚会说唱。

Alternative Rap refers to hip-hop groups that refuse to conform to any of the traditional stereotypes of rap, such as gangsta, funk, bass, hardcore, and party rap. Instead, they blur genres, drawing equally from funk and pop/rock, as well as jazz, soul, reggae, and even folk. Though Arrested Development and the Fugees managed to cross over into the mainstream, most alternative rap groups are embraced primarily by alternative rock fans, not hip-hop or pop audiences.

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