硬核说唱 Hardcore Hip Hop

硬核说唱(Hardcore Rap)Hip-Hop之一种,说唱中一种更具有力量感的音乐形式,打破以往说唱及舞曲的形式,具有更强的破坏力和煽动力,其背景总是伴以不断弱化的鼓点,而歌词也大都反映与社会背道而驰或与一般人相异的思维方式。

。硬核说唱是强硬的、体察民情的、激烈的、而且常常是威胁性的(不过威胁并不是总都存在,它也有幽默和生机勃勃的一面。)匪帮说唱(Gangsta rap)是与硬核说唱最普遍联系的一种风格,二者之间有很多的交叠,特别是在90年代的硬核说唱歌手之中,不过并不是所有的硬核说唱都是围绕着匪盗的主题。最早的硬核说唱出现在80年代后期的东海岸,那时候艺人们开始远离了派对节奏以及对扩音器技术的夸夸其谈,他们的音乐和语言开始反映这个布满沙砾的、粗糙而残酷的城市环境,通常它们也是在这个环境中被创作和被欣赏。在任何关于匪帮说唱的具体准则被制定出来之前,像New Yorks Boogie Down Productions和L.A.s Ice-T这样的艺术家们正把他们对街头生活的观察详尽地记录到磁带中;与此同时,Public Enemy混乱的声音拼贴正为录制能力设定新的标准,而N.W.A则以一种过多的大男子气展现着犹太人与匪徒们荒凉萧瑟的生活方式。

While the term can refer to several different musical sensibilities, Hardcore Rap is marked by confrontation and aggression, whether in the lyrical subject matter, the hard, driving beats, the noisy sampling and production, or any combination thereof. Hardcore rap is tough, streetwise, intense, and often menacing (although the latter isn't always the case; there is room for humor and exuberance as well). Gangsta rap is the style most commonly associated with hardcore rap, but not all hardcore rap revolves around gangsta themes, even though there is a great deal of overlap, especially among hardcore rappers of the '90s. The first hardcore rap came from the East Coast during the late '80s, when artists began to move away from party rhymes and bragging about their microphone skills; their music and language began to reflect the gritty, often harsh urban surroundings in which it was usually created and enjoyed. Before any specific formula for gangsta rap had been invented, artists like New York's Boogie Down Productions and L.A.'s Ice-T were committing detailed observations of street life to tape; plus, Public Enemy's chaotic sound collages were setting new standards for production power, and N.W.A. celebrated the bleakness of the ghetto and the gangsta lifestyle with an over-the-top machismo. In the early '90s, hardcore rap was essentially synonymous with West Coast gangsta rap until the 1993 emergence of the Wu-Tang Clan, whose spare, minimalistic beats and haunting string and piano samples became a widely imitated style. With its slamming, hard-hitting grooves and street-tough urban grit, hardcore rap became hip-hop's most popular crossover style during the latter half of the '90s, its subject matter now a mix of party anthems, gangsta's money/sex/violence obsessions, and occasional social commentary. Artists like the Notorious B.I.G., DMX, and Jay-Z became platinum-selling superstars, and Master P's brand of gangsta-oriented Southern hardcore also became a lucrative commercial force, even if it didn't produce crossover hit singles on the same level.

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