拉丁说唱 Latin Hip Hop

自从说唱一开始,就有来自拉丁圈子的说唱。但是它直到很晚才闯入流行主流。Mellow Man Ace 的 "Mentirosa" 和 Kid Frost 的 "La Raza" 的双重成功标志着拉丁说唱--用多种语言(尤其是西班牙语)的说唱,拉丁韵律和拉丁裔人的都市生活形象 -- 在流行乐坛的成功。Mellow Man Ace 的兄弟,Sen Dog是最著名的拉丁说唱行动 Cypress Hill 的创建成员之一。

The constant migration of people from one country to another has greatly influenced the dispersion of cultures and music across the globe. In the music realm, this can be heard with many different genres, like reggae, (which later led to dancehall), rap/hip-hop, reggaeton, and Latin rap. The latter form of music has been a hit especially in countries with a large number of migrators to the United States. For example, Mexico has a growing hip hop scene with groups such as Control Machete, Cartel De Santa, and Molotov. Similarly, the movement has spread to Puerto Rico, a country where many of its residents have moved to New York, Miami and Chicago over the years. Latin rap was jumpstarted by a wave of rappers that included Ruben DJ and Vico C. Ruben DJ's hit, La Escuela, (The School) and Vico C's hit, La Recta Final, (The End of the Road) received considerable radio time during the late 1980s. In addition to Latin rap in Puerto Rico developing around the same time as early American hip-hop, and rap and reggae simultaneously having a substantial impact on each other, all three genres (rap, Latin rap, and reggae/dancehall) relate a certain message to their respective audiences. Puerto Rican rap emerged as a form of cultural and social protest within the Puerto Rican context. This is similar to the way American and Jamaican youth used rap and reggae/dancehall as a means to communicate their feelings on social, cultural, and political issues. In essence, Puerto Rican rap became the voice of Puerto Rican youth like dancehall and rap music are methods of expression for their Jamaican and lower-class U.S. youth counterparts.
Latin rap has also surfaced in the UK with a group called Cultura Londres who list Eric Bobo of Cypress Hill as one of their members.
It should also be noted that a number of East Coast rappers that have been usually identified as African American have parentage from a country that speaks Spanish or Portuguese, usually Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic, and Panama. This list includes N.O.R.E., Lloyd Banks, Kane & Abel, Joe Budden, J. R. Writer, Peedi Peedi, AZ, Juelz Santana, and Fabolous

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