噪音摇滚 Noise Rock


噪音摇滚派生于朋克摇滚,尤其是指那些用令人耳眩纷乱的电吉他声来表达年轻人焦虑和自负的朋克音乐。Noise Rock就像它的前辈“无浪潮”(No Wave)一样,其目的就是要让音乐更加碾磨化并以此达到一种滑稽讽刺效果或是表明一种立场、声明,而其音乐则总是诉诸于纯粹的声响能量。

尽管大部分Noise Rock乐队的音乐注意力是集中在由电吉他失真所产生的脱粒般的声响(有时这些乐队也会使用一些电子仪器来作为打击乐器或是增强音乐整体的不谐和),但仍有部分乐队更加关注于声响和歌曲结构的融合,如先驱乐队Sonic Youth当把音乐的富于旋律和其单调低沉的噪音相结合时,无疑将Noise Rock带入了更为宽广的另类音乐听众中。

Sonic Youth带来了一群模仿者,但这其中并不是所有的乐队音乐都像它,如80年代的The Swan和Big Black的音乐就有更为黑暗、阴森的倾向,而当时的Touch&Go厂牌在80年代末成为这种风格的音乐的中心;再如90年代Noise Rock衍生出一些戏剧性的分支类型,这些分支经常会被诸如“邋遢摇滚”(scuzz-rock)这样的词汇所形容,这种风格的音乐是用吉他噪音营造出一种肮脏、颓废、令人厌恶的声场(如Royal Trux, Pussy Galore, the Dwarves和 the Butthole Surfers)。

Noise-Rock is an outgrowth of punk rock, specifically the sort of punk that expressed youthful angst and exuberance through the glorious racket of amateurishly played electric guitars. Noise-rock, like its forerunner no wave, aims to be more abrasive, sometimes for comic effect and sometimes to make a statement, but always concentrating on the sheer power of the sound. While most noise-rock bands concentrate on the ear-shattering sounds that can be produced by distorted electric guitars, some also use electronic instrumentation, whether as percussion or to add to the overall cacophony. Some groups are more concerned than others about integrating their sonic explorations into song structures; pioneers Sonic Youth helped bring noise-rock to a wider alternative-rock audience when they began to incorporate melody into their droning sheets of sound. Sonic Youth produced a bevy of imitators, but not all noise-rock resembles their music -- '80s bands like the Swans and Big Black took a much darker, more threatening approach, and the Touch & Go label became a center for crazed, shock-oriented takes on the style in the late '80s and '90s. A certain theatrical sub-style of noise-rock, often described as "scuzz-rock" or with similar terms, uses the guitar noise to help create a dirty, decadent, repulsive atmosphere (bands like this include Royal Trux, Pussy Galore, the Dwarves, and the Butthole Surfers).

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