民谣摇滚 Folk Rock

民谣摇滚(Folk Rock),在1965年鲍勃·迪伦在新港(Newport)音乐节用电声吉他弹唱之前,很少有人能想到严谨理性的民谣会与摇滚乐相互结合。民谣摇滚借鉴了民谣音乐简单直接的旋律以及摇滚乐强烈的节拍,以较通俗的手段表达哲理性的歌曲主题。民谣歌手对音乐传统的美学价值有很高的要求,鲍勃·迪伦就是以诗化的语言来吟唱时事和政治。飞鸟(The Byrds)乐队也对民谣摇滚的发展施加了重要的影响,他们较多地受到披头士乐队活泼的流行作品影响,以12弦原声吉他描绘出民谣摇滚的早期蓝本。民谣摇滚的鼎盛期十分短暂,1965年之后由于商业味道渐浓而令大众失去了兴趣。

Folk-Rock takes the simple, direct songwriting style of folk music and melds it to a prominent rock & roll backbeat. One of the most distinctive elements of folk-rock is the chiming, ringing guitar hooks, coupled with clear vocal harmonies. Folk-rock was pioneered in the mid-'60s by the Byrds, who played Bob Dylan songs as if they were from the British Invasion. The Byrds established the blueprint that many bands followed. As the '60s winded down, more folk-rock groups emphasized the acoustic origins of folk and backed away from the ringing electric arrpeggios of the Byrds. In the next three decades, both the acoustic and electric folk-rock sounds were commonplace in rock & roll.

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