澳洲摇滚 Aussie Rock

澳洲摇滚并不是指所有来自澳大利亚的摇滚乐队。反而,澳洲摇滚是那些在酒吧演奏乡村音乐的乐队在传奇性的激烈竞争中形成的一种强硬的硬核音乐。在本质上,在神圣音乐里的不同,依然有它艺术的美,像the Celibate Rafles,AC/DC和子夜石油乐队等。

Australian rock, also called Oz Rock, is used to describe the various rock and many pop bands and solo artists from Australia. Australia has a rich history of rock music and an appreciation of the roots of various rock genres, usually originating in the United States or Britain, but also Ireland, Continental Europe and more recently the musical styles of Africa. Australian rock has also contributed to the development of some of these genres, as well as having its own unique Australiana sound. Internationally, AC/DC has come to be the most well-known Australian rock band, with more than 63 million sales in the US alone.

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