阿拉伯流行 Arabic Pop



In the 1950s, Western influences became more and more widespread in Classical Arabic Pop. By the 70s and 80s, singers such as Dalida and Samira Said found success with disco and Western Pop styled music. By the mid 90s, Arabic Pop had reached it's modern form, with the focus on Westernised pop songs sung by female singers such as Nancy Ajram and Diana Haddad. In the early 2000s, Spanish guitar became a prominent feature, mainly popularised by Amr Diab; while the later part of the decade saw increased influence from Electronic music. 
Arabic Pop is generally the synthesis of Arabic Music with Western melodies, mostly using Arabic instruments (although some Western instruments such as the guitar are also often used) and sung almost always in Arabic. Lyrics are dominated by themes of love and romance, and explicit material, as well as songs about Islam-forbidden things and practices (such as drinking alcohol) are very rare.

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