氛围回响 Ambient Dub

氛围回响(Ambient Dub)顾名思义,即Ambient(氛围乐)和Dub(回响节拍)的组合。90年代初,英国厂牌Beyond发行了一系列有此风格特点的合辑作品,合辑名为"Ambient Dub, Volume One"、"Ambient Dub, Volume Two"等等,此风格因此得名。

氛围乐打底,配上有牙买加风味的鼓点节拍(通常会有厚实的贝斯音效),并辅助回声等电子特效制造出浓浓的迷幻感。相比较传统的牙买加雷鬼乐和后来的Dub乐,氛围回响(Ambient Dub)更强调一种冥想的效果。

1990年代初至今。90年代The Orb、Scorn等是此风格的代表,2000年后Deadbeat、Demdike Stare等音乐人尝试给此风格新的生命力 。(By 虾米)

Coined by the Beyond label for its compilation series of the same name, Ambient Dub has since been generalized by artists, critics, and audiences alike to refer to any form of rhythmic, usually beat-oriented ambient using the tastes, textures, and techniques of Jamaican dub-style production (e.g. reverb, emphasis on bass and percussion, heavy use of effects). Although the term has fallen out of favor due to the fevered intermingling of styles characteristic of post-rave electronica, it remains useful in demarcating the denser, more electronic applications of dub from the more hip-hop derived styles of downtempo, atmospheric beat music. Artists include the Orb, Higher Intelligence Agency, Sub Dub, Techno Animal, Automaton, and Solar Quest.(By Allmusic)

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