室内民谣 Chamber Folk

Chamber Folk是指典雅、高贵、精致的一种民谣乐,它有一定的古典音乐感觉。 Chamber一词来自古典音乐,中文叫"室内乐",是种小组弦乐演奏曲式,气氛高雅。Chamber Folk就是民谣的一类分支强调优美的旋律、精致的配乐、干净的录音,每每多用弦乐、管乐制造巴洛克时代的音乐感觉。Chamber Folk is a style of typically gentle fingerpicked acoustic guitar or harp-led music that initially gained prominence in the UK and the US during the mid-to-late 1960s. It is defined by an elegant and ornate style of arrangement and production, creating a sound that can be alternately described as wistful, fey, pastoral and whimsical, often featuring celestial, crystalline female vocals and a variety of instruments as accompaniment. These include, either separately or as part of an ensemble, piano, drums, harpsichord and various horns, woodwinds and stringed instruments (both orchestral and plucked).

While much of the style uses the traditional small ensemble sizes of Chamber Music within a non-classical acoustic style, Chamber Folk can also feature lush orchestral flourishes and similar aspects of arrangement found in other musical styles such as Baroque Pop, for example, Nico's Chelsea Girl and Joanna Newsom's Ys.

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