前卫流行 Progressive Pop

Progressive Pop是前卫摇滚和流行乐之间衔接的桥梁。简而言之,将前卫摇滚的复杂音乐编排及结构与流行乐中简明易变通的旋律相结合,创造出一种有别于两者的音乐。

Progressive pop is a genre that bridges the musical elements of Progressive Rock and Pop to bring them together. In short, the complexity of arrangements and musical structure found in the former are combined with the catchiness, oftentimes simple melodies, and accessibility of the latter, to bring a sound distinct from both. Long song times (relative to most pop music) and changing themes are also a common feature. 
Early influences and examples of progressive pop can be seen in The Beach Boys' "Heroes and Villains" and The Moody Blues' In Search of the Lost Chord. The 1970s see the appearance of Pop/Rock influenced artists such as The Alan Parsons Project and Supertramp (Breakfast in America being a prime example in particular). Later examples include artists such as The Fiery Furnaces, Make a Rising, Dirty Projectors and Super Furry Animals.

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