极简潮 Minimal Wave

作为一个风格名,极简潮(Minimal Wave)并不是一开始就有的。2000年后,同名厂牌Minimal Wave发行了一系列此风格的回顾合辑和再版,引发了一波复兴热潮,此风格名才正式确定。简要的说,它是新浪潮(New Wave), 冷潮(Coldwave),合成器流行(Synth Pop)和后朋(Post-Punk)等曲风的电子极简形式。

因Minimal Wave诞生于Midi(乐器数字接口)电子技术发展之前,使用的仍是较原始的类比合成器(Analog Synthesizer)和鼓机,所以其更像业余玩家捣鼓出来的东西,有低保真的特质,没有太多花俏。人声部分不拘一格,较疏离,冷漠。

1970年代末至1980年代中,2000年以后有一波复兴潮。(By 虾米)

Minimal Wave was coined as a genre name in retrospect. It makes reference to the most electronic and minimal forms of New Wave, Coldwave, Synth Pop and Post-Punk. In its most purely electronic and synth driven form is referred as Minimal Synth. It is also named as Synth Wave and Minimal Electronics (instrumental Minimal-Synth).

In comparison to mainstream Synth-Pop the Minimal Wave sound is sparse, amateurish, stripped down and lo-fi, using analog synthesizers, drum machines and pre-MIDI electronics. The singing is unconventional, with detached/cold vocals. Minimal Wave was mainly developed during the years 1979-85, specially in Belgium, France and Germany. Most bands kept a low profile and a DIY ethic, sometimes releasing self-published cassettes or limited editions by private labels. Since the mid-2000s the interest in the genre has become more widespread, with several reissues and new releases by labels such as Minimal Wave or Anna Logue Records.(By RateYourMusic.com)

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