未来车库舞曲 Future Garage

未来车库舞曲(Future Garage)是英国车库舞曲(UK Garage)的一个子风格,在2000年代中后期发展迅速。顾名思义,它是将旧的车库舞曲(Gagare)翻新成具有未来感(Future)的呈现理念。在这之前,回响重拍(Dubstep)是UK Garage发展很热门的一个趋势,但是也有一些Dubstep音乐人开始摒弃Dubstep的一些特征,转而回到UK Garage / 2-step最开始的清淡,但是仍借鉴了很多2000以后才出现的新的制作手法。算是新与旧的结合。

Future Garage没有Dubstep那样过度浑厚摇晃的贝斯。它虽然回到UK Garage的清淡,但是相比UK Garage更适合俱乐部跳舞的特点,Future Garage更适合室内聆听,它借鉴了一些智能舞曲(IDM)的制作手法,通常有着极简主义的思路,制作更光洁,旋律更悦耳。


Future Garage is a newer style of UK Garage which originally developed as a result of some Dubstep producers reacting against the prevalent trends in that genre. These producers made music which was far closer to the 2-Step and UK Garage of the late 90s and early 00s than that of their contemporaries, deliberately eschewing the heavy wobble bass commonplace in dubstep. The other distinguishing feature of Future Garage is that it is much more accessible for "home listening" than UK Garage was - IDM is often a clear influence. The resulting sound is often quite minimalistic, with skittery, broken rhythms and bright, clean melodies. (by Rateyourmusic)

Of the dubstep producers who pioneered this strand of UK garage, the best known is Burial, along with many others on Hyperdub. Futher back in time, there are also clear similarities with the music of MJ Cole and the Broken Beat movement of the early 00s. The term Future Garage was originally coined by Sub.fm's Whistla, who also set up L2S Recordings, the genre's first dedicated label. Other notable artists include FaltyDL, Brackles, Shortstuff, and Joy Orbison.

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