恍惚嘻哈舞曲 Wonky

恍惚嘻哈舞曲(Wonky)是回响重拍(Dubstep)和嘻哈(Hip Hop)(特别是Glitch Hop)的结合,它出现于2000年代中后期。除了这两种元素外,它也受到诸如智能舞曲(IDM)和摇晃科技舞曲(Wonky Techno)的影响。当时一些Hip Hop艺人如J Dilla 和Madlib想尝试一些Dubstep和IDM的元素,而同时一些Dubstep制作人也开始将Hip Hop的节拍融入到自己的作品中,双方契合的想法也让这种风格在2009年开始成熟。

不规则的Hip Hop节奏在Dubstep的速率中行进,有一种恍惚的、不稳定的听感。它也和克他命等药物相关,营造出在迷幻中跳舞的氛围。

Wonky is the name given to a fusion of Dubstep and Hip Hop (particularly Glitch Hop) which first developed in the mid-to-late 2000s. Along with those main elements it also has secondary influences such as IDM and its namesake, Wonky Techno. It is defined by its off-kilter and unstable, wonky (hence the name) mid-range, with unquantised and offbeat hip-hop rhythms at dubstep tempos; this sound was at least partially influenced by and is often linked to ketamine use, as it reflects how the drug affects users and their ability to dance.

It first developed when hip-hop producers influenced by J Dilla and Madlib (such as Flying Lotus and Dabrye) began experimenting with dubstep & IDM elements, and around the same time dubstep producers (notably those on Hyperdub and those associated with the Purple Sound) began adding said hip-hop influences to their own productions. These two loose strands of early wonky would fuse together, resulting in the development of a fully-fledged genre during 2009.

One of the biggest and most notable wonky scenes is in Glasgow, centered around the LuckyMe collective and the Numbers. club night and label; some of the genre's most notable producers, such as Hudson Mohawke and Rustie, come from this scene. Across the Atlantic, the big names are Flying Lotus and Starkey, who coined the genre's American synonym, street bass. The Scandinavian genre of Skweee is also quite similar in sound, but has seperate roots.(by Rateyourmusic)

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