布瑞尔大厦流行 Brill Building Pop

“布瑞尔大厦流行”音乐将专业歌曲作者的理念运用到传统的“流行”音乐和“摇滚”(Rock)乐中,数不清的专业歌曲作者小组在布瑞尔大厦——纽约市内占据一个街区的专事音乐出版的楼房——里开展工作,为各色各样的艺人(“the Coasters”、“the Drifters”、“the Shangri-Las”、“the Ronettes”、Neil Sedaka和Connie Francis)创作歌曲,正如其高水平的歌词和旋律所证明的,其歌曲不仅受惠于“摇滚”乐和“节奏布鲁斯”(R&B)音乐,而且还得力于“叮砰巷”“流行”音乐。
这些60年代早期作品的制作水平也要高于多数的“摇滚”乐作品,其特点是有着管弦乐编排,以及由包含有大型节奏和吉他组的乐队演绎。尽管“布瑞尔流行”音乐在“不列颠入侵”(British Invasion)之后便不再为人喜爱,但在未来的许多年内,英国和美国的“流行/摇滚”(Pop/Rock)音乐都表明了其各自极大地受到“布瑞尔大厦流行”音乐的影响。

Brill Building Pop refers to a style of Pop music that began in the late 1950s. The name Brill Building comes from a block of music publishing houses in New York City, where teams of professional writers worked to create the music, however, music in this style emanated from other places as well. It had a variety of influences including Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues and Tin Pan Alley pop, however, it was far more sophisticated and polished, as it often featured orchestras and large accompanying bands. Many of the most successful acts in this genre were teams of a singer and a producer. Brill Building fell out of favor when the British Invasion began, but it continues to influence popular music to this day.

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