技术死亡金属 Technical Death Metal

技术死亡金属是死亡金属的一种,注重创作及编排技巧。这种风格起源于90年代早期至中期,由Death、Atheist、Nocturnus、Pestilence等乐队开创,代表性乐队包括Necrophagist、Nile、Decapitated、Cryptopsy、Origin、Spawn of Possession、Obscura、The Faceless。

(虾米编译自Rate Your Music)

Technical death metal is a sub-genre of Death Metal with particular focus on challenging, demanding songwriting and instrumental skill that began and developed in the early- to mid-1990s with bands like Death, Atheist, Nocturnus and Pestilence, to name a few.

Some of the distinct features of this genre include dynamic song structures, complex and atypical rhythmic structures, abundant use of diminished chords and arpeggios, frequent employment of odd time chord progressions and a lot of string skipping on the guitars. The music is normally extremely fast-paced and the representative bands remain firmly rooted in death metal due to their unbending devotion to rhythmic heaviness and conceptual darkness. However, when compared to death metal and its other sub-genres, aside from the features mentioned above, technical death metal bands usually give a different feeling to the music by frequently using more exotic scales. The bass lines are usually complex and the drums are extremely fast-paced with abundant use of blast-beats and other extreme drumming techniques.

Some of the most known representative bands nowadays include Necrophagist, Nile, Decapitated, Cryptopsy, Origin, Spawn of Possession, Obscura and The Faceless.

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