巴洛克流行 Baroque Pop

“巴洛克流行”音乐出现于60年代中期,其时,包括“the Left Banke”、“the Beach Boys”在内的艺人、制作人Phil Spector、以及作曲家/编排家Burt Bacharach,所有这些来自各方的人士开始将“古典”(Classic)音乐元素融入到“摇滚”(Rock)乐中,从而达到一种远离“摇滚”乐狂野、原始根源的雄伟的管弦乐之声。


在“巴洛克流行”音乐的起初阶段,它是截止当时的“摇滚”乐最成熟的衍生物,并且其精神继续存在于各种音乐形式中——从70年代早期的“费城灵魂”(Philly Soul)之声到相似的90年代中期的“室内流行”(Chamber Pop)之声。

Baroque Pop is a style that arose in the mid-1960s when artists such as The Beach Boys, The Left Banke, The Zombies, and producer Phil Spector began adding classical instruments such as strings and horns to their music; thus creating a more majestic, dramatic sound.

Baroque Pop has undergone a revival in recent years, with Indie Pop artists such as The Decemberists and Belle and Sebastian drawing on the template laid down in the 1960s. These modern artists are usually referred to as Chamber Pop, rather than Baroque Pop.

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