自赏黑 Blackgaze

自赏黑融合黑金属与自赏,形成于二十世纪初,同法国音乐人Neige相关的一批乐队开创了这一风格,其中包括著名的Alcest、Amesoeurs。这些乐队深受Ulver、Burzum、Summoning等老牌氛围黑金属乐队的影响,同时也吸收了后摇、新古典暗潮等非金属风格,因此这一风格也被称为后摇黑金属。这一风格的代表乐队还有Lantlôs、Woods of Desolation、Deafheaven,其中Deafheaven的专辑《Sunbather》虽然褒贬不一,但不可否认是这一风格中最成功最受欢迎的代表性专辑。

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A style emerging around the turn of the 21st century that became increasingly popular during the latter part of the aughts. Blackgaze was pioneered by bands associated with a French musician Neige (most notably Alcest and Amesoeurs). They were influenced by Atmospheric Black Metal classics such as Ulver, Burzum and Summoning, as well as non-metal genres like Post-Punk and Neoclassical Darkwave.

The blackgaze sound is a mixture of black metal aesthetics with more dreamy and mellow textures. One of the main characteristics of the genre are tremolo picking riffs creating an ethereal wall of sound, which is softer than usual black metal and resembling Shoegaze (hence the name). Other common features are rapid blast beats and shrieking vocals, often interchanging with slower sections, clean singing and acoustic or Post-Rock-like instrumental breaks.

Other important blackgaze performers include Lantlôs, Woods of Desolation, and Deafheaven, whose critically acclaimed album Sunbather is one of the most successful and popular records representing the genre.

Because of its post-rock leanings, the genre is commonly referred to as "post-black metal". However, that term can also mean several different styles, e.g. the Norwegian scene of Avant-Garde Metal artists rooted in black metal (Solefald, Arcturus, Ved Buens Ende, etc.).

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