冲浪摇滚 Surf Rock

冲浪摇滚(Surf Rock)的诞生和1950年加利福尼亚的冲浪运动紧密相连,在1961-1966达到空前的欢迎的。以吉他手迪克•戴尔首创的带有回响的吉他声效为特色,潮湿而延绵不绝的音效使人自然而然地联想起加州海岸盛行的冲浪运动,因而得名。随后涌现的众多冲浪摇滚乐队中,一些是纯粹的“器乐冲浪者”,另一些则在乐队的编制中加入了主唱,The Beach Boys(沙滩男孩乐队)是后一种冲浪摇滚的典型代表,以完美的旋律及和声见长。早期冲浪摇滚的主题多半与阳光沙滩、摩托车和女孩相关,现在已经不局限主题性,更多的是延续了吉他回响音效的传承,当然都是轻快明朗的特质。不过直面事实冲浪摇滚已经落寞,可以说好久没有正统乐队出现了,更多的是新兴乐队在自身风格中呈现Surf Rock的特质。

Surf Rock is a musical genre associated with surf culture which appeared in the late 1950s in California. This genre gained huge popularity from 1961, becoming one of the most popular genres in America in the first half of 1960s. 
In its original form, surf rock is characterised by short instrumental songs, with cheerful melodies played on guitar on Rock & Roll rythms. Extensive use of reverb and tremolo is also part of the sound, as is the influence of Latin American Music music. The popularity of surf music was launched by the single "Let's Go Trippin'" by Dick Dale in 1961, and then confirmed by the hit "Miserlou" in 1962. Bands such as The Ventures and The Challengers followed in the same vein. From 1963, especially with the breakthrough of The Beach Boys, surf music became vocal, followed by The Trashmen and The Surfaris, for example. In 1966, the genre couldn't react to the invasion of british rock and the emergence of Psychedelic Rock, and begin to fall into disuse. 
Beginning from the late 1970s a number of Punk Rock musicians were inspired by the sonical ideas and concept of surf music, resulting in Surf Punk, a musical genre associated with underground acts such as The Barracudas, Man or Astro-Man? and Surf Punks. Skate Punk is also often associated with surf music, mainly because of its place of birth, California, and because of its close relation to boardsports culture. Surf rock has also be perceived as an important influence in the sound of similarly-minded and more popular bands of the 1980s and 1990s like Pixies and Dead Kennedys. Bands like the aforementioned Man or Astro-Man?, The Mermen, Los Straitjackets and Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet have also been credited with a sparse revival of the original surf rock sound. The heavy use of surf music hits in the soundtrack to the cult film Pulp Fiction in 1994 led to a moderate yet continuing popular interest in the genre since then.

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