电子核 Electronicore

电子核结合了旋律金属核、迷幻舞曲、流行朋克、合成器流行等多种风格,最主要的吉他和鼓仍然继承自旋律金属核,并常常同时采用清嗓和死嗓,唱段及副歌编排通常较为简单,贯穿全曲的迷幻舞曲段落是其显著特点之一,有时甚至盖过金属部分,人声通常用autotune处理过,或采用流行朋克式清嗓。breakdown的运用也非常多,旋律金属核的部分反而相对不明显。代表乐队包括Attack Attack!、Asking Alexandria、Abandon All Ships。

Electronicore (also known as synthcore, or simply electronic hardcore) describes a stylistic fusion of post-hardcore and metalcore with electronic music, specifically electronica. Notable artists of this genre have originated from England, the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Hong Kong and Japan.

Sumerian Records notes that "there has been a surplus of electronica/hardcore music as of late." Attack Attack! is often recognized as a primary contributor of the style. I See Stars debut album, 3-D, was popular "amongst the synthcore scene." Enter Shikari are an electronicore band that formed in 2003 in St Albans, England. The group has received international radio airplay and a substantial number of musical awards, from Kerrang!, NME, Rock Sound Magazine and BT Digital Awards. They express a relationship with electronic music genres such as trance and have been referred to as the "kings of trancecore." Their second album, titled Common Dreads, was released in June 2009 and debuted on the UK Albums Chart at 16.

The compilation Punk Goes Pop 4, one of many albums in the Punk Goes... series, "features some of the hottest pop songs in music today being performed by various metalcore, post-hardcore and electronicore artists." Altsounds, an independent music journal, noted that there has been a "sudden rise in the amount of bands combining electronic and metal styles of music." The article noted that many of the bands who created cover songs for Punk Goes Pop 4 incorporated characteristics of electronicore, specifically referencing I See Stars and Woe, Is Me.

Electronicore is characterized by typical post-hardcore instrumentation, metalcore-influenced breakdowns, heavy use of sequencers and synthesizers, auto-tuned singing, and screamed vocals. The genre often features dynamic transitions from soft electronica ballads to intense metalcore passages. However, the degree to which metalcore characteristics are incorporated may vary. In addition to electronica, the fusion may involve a variety of other electronic music genres, including techno, trance, dubstep, electro, and dance.

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