美国传统摇滚 American Trad Rock


The Grateful Dead和the Allman Brother是两个美国传统摇滚的先驱,甚至他们在一段时间里代表了美国传统摇滚的骨架和表皮。在80年代中期到末期,出现了美国第一批成长在摇滚发源地的传统摇滚乐家——乔治亚卫星和黑乌鸦(the Georgia Satellites 和the Black Crowes)。到90年代早期,美国传统摇滚逐渐开始成为以Allman为代表,象广泛流传的Panic一样,成为一种有过良好教育追随者的表现,到90年代中期,出现了一个松散的有相同鉴赏的人的集合—— neo-Dead bands (Blus Traveler Phish ),在不断的旅行中,建立了一支乐迷队。并给这支乐迷队命名为Blus Traveler 。1996年,在流行领域,旅行节和另类摇滚的Lollapalooza成为美国传统摇滚的竞争对手。

Black Crows,Blind Melon,Sheryl Crow,Tonic,The Wallflowers

Although the sound of American Trad Rock is quite different than that of its British counterpart, it shares the same aesthetic -- namely, it is dedicated to keeping the sound and the spirit of classic '60s rock alive. Where British trad rock relies on the Beatles and mod influences, American trad rock is about Southern-fried boogie and blues-based improvisation. The Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers were the twin precursors of American trad rock, even though there are hints of the Stones and the Faces thrown in every once in a while as well. The very first U.S. trad rockers -- the Georgia Satellites and the Black Crowes -- appeared in the mid- to late '80s and had grown out of roots rock. By the early '90s, American trad rock had begun to take shape as Allman soundalikes like Widespread Panic began cultivating followings, and by the middle of the decade, there was a loose collective of similar-minded, neo-Dead bands (Blues Traveler, Phish) that had built a fanbase by touring constantly. Blues Traveler had these bands tour under the H.O.R.D.E. moniker, and by 1996 the travelling festival was rivaling its alternative counterpart, Lollapalooza, in popularity.

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