英国布鲁斯 British Blues

英国布鲁斯(British Blues)是指的从美国传入英国后发展的布鲁斯音乐。在1950年代末至1960年代初,早期的British Blues严格遵照美国布鲁斯音乐的原型依葫芦画瓢,这也是为了向那些布鲁斯前辈致敬。而到了1960年代中期的布鲁斯音乐复兴时期,英国的由Eric Clapton为代表的一批吉他手们开始尝试革新,将 B.B. King、Albert King和Freddie King音乐中的热情的吉他弦和放到极致的拾音器结合,也慢慢演变为后来的布鲁斯摇滚(Blues Rock),也让the Rolling Stones和Eric Clapton等布鲁斯音乐人成为巨星。

和1950年代发迹的老摇滚(Rock&Roll)不同,British Blues与摇滚乐有更加紧密直接的联系。也正是它将传统风味变为流行市场的主流。


More than a mere geographical distinction, the early British Blues of the late '50s and early '60s paid strict adherence to replicating American blues genres, with an admiration for its originators bordering on reverence. But by the time of the blues revival of the mid-'60s, British guitarists -- in the main led by Eric Clapton -- were starting to bend the form to create their own amalgam. Wedding the string-bending fervor of the B.B., Albert, and Freddie King styles to the extreme volume produced by large amplifiers, British blues largely coalesced into blues rock, with formerly traditional blues artists like the Rolling Stones and Clapton becoming rock stars. The British style has perhaps the closest ties to rock music as opposed to rock & roll, a distinct stylistic descendant of the 1950s. It is this constant shift between preserving older styles and mainstreaming it into the pop marketplace that is the hallmark of British blues.(by Allmusic)

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