深度灵魂乐 Deep Soul

深度灵魂乐(Deep Soul)是南方灵魂乐(Southern Soul)的子风格,在1960年代中出现。它的大部分特征和Southern Soul基本一致,但是它包含的福音元素比Southern Soul更多。

和Southern Soul一样,Deep Soul也是比较粗粝、有Funky感觉的灵魂乐。它拥有南方灵魂乐(Southern Soul)的热情和0能量。 它的元素同样包括热情的福音歌手、强劲的圆号、鸡抓(Chicken-scratch)节奏吉他以及紧致的节奏。但是Deep Soul的节奏相对Southern Soul要缓慢一些,歌词内容中有更多福音以及救赎的内容,歌手的演绎情感也更加深沉和浓烈。


Deep soul emerged in mid-1960s USA, drawing on the typical Southern Soul groove and accentuating the Gospel and Blues influence, particularly Chicago Blues. It is played at a relatively slow tempo and is primarily focused on the intense, intimate lead vocal delivery, emphasizing both the melancholic tone and lyrics, and producing a downbeat, reflective atmosphere. Common instrumental tropes include murky, 'scratchy' guitar sounds, prominent horn sections (accompanying strings more popular in 1970s recordings) and crystalline, spiritual-sounding piano and organ parts. The style declined in popularity in the late 1970s with the emergence of Disco and newer R&B genres.

Notable artists include James Carr, Otis Redding, Percy Sledge, O.V. Wright, Aretha Franklin, Lee Moses and Irma Thomas.

Due to sharing similar influences, southern soul backing and often moods and lyrical fare, some deep soul artists forayed into Country Soul.(By Rateyourmusic)

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