雷嘎 Ragga

Ragga与Dancehall密不可分,甚至从音乐形式上来说,Ragga就是Dancehall(Ragga不过是法国人的叫法),其实Ragga就是Raggamuffin的缩写,源自于牙买加首都金斯敦的贫民窟,到了80年代中期,成为牙买加年轻一代相当喜爱的音乐形式,歌词有别于Dancehall的肮脏与暴力,到了90年代,Ragga则对英国的Drum&Bass/Jungle(在英格兰出现的一种音乐类型,转变自Techno音乐,它也是Techno所有子类音乐中一种最具节奏性的混合,音乐中可能什么都没有,但绝对少不了那种速度很快的击鼓声以及很沉的低音)影响深远。 Ragga refers to reggae in which the backing instrumentation (or the vast majority of it) is digital. The style is most commonly associated with dancehall, and while not all dancehall reggae is electronic (and therefore not ragga), there is a great deal of overlap between the two. "Ragga" is short for "raggamuffin," originally a term for a Kingston ghetto youth; the music took on that name as it became the younger generation's style of choice in the mid- to late '80s. Because of the relatively low costs of building synthesized rhythms, ragga became the preferred mode for many Jamaican producers as well, enabling them to turn out thousands of singles per year, and to craft more adventurous new rhythms instead of simply borrowing them from old rock steady records. This also led to the explosion of the "rhythm album," for which different artists would record their own lyrics and melodies over the same pre-existing rhythm track. Although ragga is linked in the minds of many with deejay toasting, straight-ahead singers often address romantic and Rastafarian concerns, and the two vocal styles are frequently mixed as well. The first ragga record was Wayne Smith's 1985 single "Under Me Sleng Teng," which was produced by King Jammy and built around a rhythm that was discovered pre-programmed on a Casio keyboard. Its impact was immediate, spawning a host of imitators and establishing Jammy for a time as Jamaica's most dominant producer. During the '90s, ragga remained firmly entrenched as the most popular sound in Jamaican dancehalls. It began to incorporate hip-hop sampling techniques, and several of its artists scored pop crossover hits in the U.S.; ragga was also an important influence on the U.K.'s thriving jungle/drum'n'bass scene.

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