牛仔 Cowboy

牛仔音乐来源于美国人对大西部的迷醉,这还体现在好莱坞的电影里。乡下人现在变成了打扮漂亮、精神抖擞的牛仔男孩和牛仔女郎 ,唱着来自乡间的浪漫歌曲。展示着孤独大草原中的浪漫景象。西部片中总会拍一个自由的牛仔在一天的辛劳后围着篝火旁唱歌,追逐着 长途汽车的情景。这干干净净的扮相被许多音乐人采用,象Gene Autry,Roy Rogers和The Sons of the Pioneers,这使乡村音乐越来越受到人们的欢迎。

Cowboy Music was originally handed down from the genuine Old West articles, its repertoire consisting of songs sung on the open range to pass the time on cattle drives. This tradition continued to inform country & western music long after its attendant lifestyle had all but disappeared, since romanticized cowboy mythology still held a fascination for many. That fascination resulted in the production of innumerable Western and cowboy films, and with those films came a revival of interest in cowboy music. Actually, it wasn't so much a revival as a hunger for more mythology -- singer/actors like Roy Rogers and Gene Autry relied far more on new compositions which evoked similar themes of cowboy life. The performances and production of cowboy songs depend largely on the context -- while movie songs were usually recorded with modern soundtrack-style orchestras, old-time groups like the Sons of the Pioneers relied on traditional, unadorned acoustic instruments. While it's the spirit of cowboy music, rather than specific standard songs, that has generally survived in country music, some artists have sought to preserve the tradition and educate their audiences about authentic cowboy songs; Michael Martin Murphey became a notable figure in these efforts during the '90s.

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