印度 | 邦拉 Bhangra

Bhangra (邦拉) 舞曲是从英国昔日殖民地—印度半岛上流传的锡克教传统丰年祭舞曲,原本以手鼓伴奏的强烈节奏,在印巴移民的社区中大为流行,后来经过一些夜总会的DJ将其改编成电子旋律,融合了各种元素,成为世界音乐中的新兴流派,俨然是继印度古典音乐Raga之后,又一种风靡全英的异国音乐,其欢愉的气氛也成为印度电影制作中心—Bollywood最爱使用的配乐类型。

Bhaṅgṛā (Punjabi: ਭੰਗੜਾ (Gurmukhi); pronounced [pə̀ŋɡɽaː]) is a genre of riff-oriented popular music associated with Punjabi culture. It was developed in Britain in the 1980s by first and second generation immigrants from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan forming the Punjabi diaspora, drawing from music and song of the Punjab region as well as various Western musical styles. It is seen by some in the West as an expression of South Asian culture as a whole. Bhangra music was replaced by Punjabi folk music in the mid 1990s. Using the derivative form of Punjabi Folk music and Hip hop, known as Folkhop.

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