美国 | 凯金 Cajun

凯金音乐(Cajun)是一种节奏欢快,充满切分音的音乐,流传于西南部路易斯安那讲法语的Acadian的人群中。这种音乐主要采用小提琴和手风琴,乐队还包括了一个鼓手,但这种音乐仍然被认为更接近原声音乐。Jimmy C.Newman,Dong Kershaw和Eddy Raven是当代Cajun音乐的佼佼者。

Cajun music is rooted in the music of the French-speaking Catholics of eastern Canada and became transformed into a unique sound of the Cajun culture. In earlier years of the late 18th century the fiddle was the predominant instrument and the music tended to sound more like early country music. Cajun music is typically a waltz or two step. Unlike the folk music of Quebec it is not associated with the Celtic tradition.

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